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Classic E-Rickshaw
  To Provide a comfortable, affordable, safe,   swift and pollution-free mode of Public   Transport for the respective citizens of   India. It has the advantage of high
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Classic E-Rickshaw
Classic E-Rickshaw Division To Provide a comfortable, affordable, safe, swift and pollution–free mode of Public Transport for the respective citizens of India. It has the advantage of high efficiency, no emission, low noise and very low operating cost. For a full day operation, the only energy needed is several hours charging of batteries. As a multi-functional product, “Classic” Electric Vehicle (e-rickshaw) can be widely used for Passenger and Goods transportation. It can also be used in large campuses & housing colonies as well as resorts.
  The eco-friendly e-ricksaw (Battery Operated) can be used for feeder service to boost last-mile   connectivity from Metro Station/ Bus Terminals/ Bus Stops and (launch) Ferry Ghats. If these erickshaws   are allowed to ply in areas like Salt Lake and New Town, it will improve the transportation services in   these upcoming areas which badly require good, comfortable and cheaper public transport connectivity.

  These e-Rickshaws are more suitable to cover short   distances. They require 7 to 8 hours charging of its battery   which can run upto 70-80 Kms. a day. It’s per day   operational cost is quite-quitelow.

  These e-Rickshaws can carry 4 Passengers + 1 Driver and   can run upto a max. speed of 20 KM/h. It is a more reliable   mode of modern transport and yet eco-friendly.

  For social safety of passengers, these e-Rickshaws can be   very useful because of its bigger wheel base as well as it   is open from all sides and at the same time riding and   driving both are quite comfortable.

Classic E-Rickshaw
  In City/ Municipal/ Panchayat areas, it can work as an alternative to Auto Rickshaw/ Small Passenger   Vehicles either run on LPG or Diesel/ Petrol. Cycle Rickshaw Puller may also opt in a big way for these   type of rickshaw as it will allow them to cover more & more trips even upto 3 times of Cycle Rickshaw   usually takes to cover same distance. Since it can carry 4 Passengers comfortably, their gross revenue   can go up manifold and at the same time,their physical labour can also come down drastically.
  Running cost of these e-Ricksaw is Very-Very low and thus improve the economic condition of thousand   of ricksaw pullers. The running cost of such e-Ricksaw is mere 50 Paisa Per K.M.

  It is pollution-free and also sound free, no hard labour, easy to start and very comfortable to drive and   also very comfortable for commuters ride & journey.

  More than a lakh such e-Ricksaws at present, are successfully plying in NCR area including Delhi.

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