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Name, Age & Qualification Work Experience Responsibilities Now Held
Mr. K.K.Daga
53 Yrs.
B. Com. (Hons.)
He has practical experience of over 36 years in marketing of Automobiles parts, Spares & Accessories. He looks after business planning, sales & marketing as well as finance New Business
Development, Marketing Strategy & Finance
Mr. N. K. Daga
57 Yrs.
He has practical experience of over 39 years in marketing of Automobile Parts, Spares & Accessories. He looks after the overall business management including procurement, Marketing & Selling. Since his joining this family business, it has grown up manifold. Overall Management
of the business.
Mr. K. C. Daga
60 Yrs.
B. Com
He has business experience of over 42 yrs. in Automobile Parts. He looks after Public Relation
Build ups and logistics
PR & Logistics
Mr. Nawal -
Kishore Daga
46 Yrs.
B. Com.
He is the youngest among we all borthers. Very
hard working fellow. He also looks after Sales & Marketing. His contribution in growth of our family business is immense.
Sales & Marketing of Associate Concern

Vision & Mission

  Our vision is to become undisputed market leader in Automobile Spares Distribution Business in West   Bengal by Proliferation of Genuine Spares in remotest part of designated territory.

  Our Mission -
  • To continuously anticipate and understand customer’s needs, expectations and problems and strive to      deliver competitive services so that customers identify our name with reliability and quality.

  • We believe that creating and delivering values to our vendors, customers and employees is      fundamental to our business.

  • To be innovative in offering the Quality services using the Internet and other emerging technologies.

Core Objective & Keys
  Core Objectives -

We, at DAD, are dedicated to meet the needs of our customer,as customer satisfaction is the main      objective of our organisation.
  • Strong Distribution Network
  • Motivating Channel Partners
  • Optimum Market coverage by better proliferation of TATA ORIGINAL PARTS (TOP) and EICHER      GENUINE PARTS (EGP).
  • To have a continuous improvement in knowledge, skill and competence.

  • To maintain a motivated workforce through improvement of individual and Team-building

  Keys -
   To build a strong and result oriented Sales and Marketing team with a zeal to achieve the set target.
  To build a strong and motivated distribution network.
  To tap Direct Customers such as medium & big size Garages, Corporate and Institutional Clients and      Cars Rental Companies/Firms
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